Classroom Literacy Center Management

center icons pic

In my kindergarten classroom I do a mix of Daily Five centers and the more traditional centers. I decided to make new center icons this summer to keep my students more organized during centers. I want to give them choices because choice=engagement, so I made a lot of different center signs to use in my rotations this coming school year.


Just print these center signs and cut them out. There are big and small center signs. I use the big ones to place in the actual center, and the small ones will be on a pocket chart with students pictures. I give some choice, but not too much choice. I still am not ready to let it be completely free choice on a daily basis.


After you print and cut out just laminate and they are ready for your pocket chart. You can also put them on magnets or even use tape. I like rotating my small center pictures daily so a pocket chart words best for me.


You can find these center icons here in my TPT store

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