Quick and Easy Classroom Management Tips


I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Well I went back into my classroom yesterday to start setting up. I found that my large group carpet was not cleaned AT ALL!!

Of course I try my best to erase all those memories of throwing up, peeing pants, and other gross stuff that happens in Kindergarten, but I just can’t bear to have my new kiddos sit on last year’s dirt.

So I threw the carpet out the door to the endless pile of not wanted furniture.

I had to come up with something else, and while I was shopping at JoAnn’s Fabrics I found a solution!!


These are in the baby blanket sewing section of JoAnn’s. I have no idea what they are really for, but they are velcro and they stick to my carpet! Not the carpet I threw out, but the one they actually are required to clean. The main classroom carpet.

Even better they are colored! They are colored in my classroom colors too! I am so excited!


I am going to give them all a number (my students all have assigned numbers), and stick them right to the floor. They stick super good, and if I need to change the carpet seating arrangement I can easily.

The best part… THEY ARE ONLY 6.99!!! for 10 of them! Plus the teacher discount or one of JoAnn’s many coupons it’s a great deal!

Slide4                    Slide1

Once they are numbered just stick them onto your carpet and you have assigned seating for all your classroom meetings! I hope you get as excited about this as I am! No more carpets that don’t match your classroom decor!

I am really big on matching. It’s almost a sickness I think.



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