Winter Unit! What went well….

My students have been having fun with the winter themed units so far this month. Here are a few things that went well. 

These were the books I focused on for my winter unit.

2016-01-06 16.30.11

We worked a lot on retelling the book The Mitten.


We made retelling bags.

mitten writing preview

We made a class book with this template.

the mitten screen shot

mitten inspired pic

Here are the units I used click on them to link to my TPT store.


2016-01-11 17.25.07

I made individual rekenreks for each student. These tools helped with their addition so much. I have putting this project off for so long. I am so glad I did it!

math centers

We also are working on teen numbers. The students match the quantity to the number for practice.

winter math centers 2

teen numbers match up screen shot

Click on the file to link to my TPT store if you want this great teen number matching.


snowman roll and cover screen shot

Click link below for a free math center.

snowman roll add cover by ms murrays kindergarten


classroom photo for blog

Finally it was time to bring a little snow to this las vegas desert! I covered the room with plastic and poured insta-snow all over the ground. The students worked all day in the snow. Talk about exciting!!!

winter classroom 3

More winter wonderland photos.

snowman project 3

On our snow day we made “good stuff” snowmen. We were inspired by the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. The students brought in anything they could find from their junk drawers and created their snowman. This project is a hit every year!

snowman project2

snowman project

Now on to peace week and to celebrate Martin Luther King. Stay tuned!

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